Other Services

Filing Grievances

We guide you to file grievances with regulatory authorities against any financial institution. If you have reasonable grounds of unfair treatment whether it is through arbitrary levy of charges or non-fulfillment of assured services then write to us and we will help you with the appropriate approach towards seeking resolution of your grievances.


Consumer Court Related Advice

We are not lawyers. However, we have had some experience with National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC), the apex consumer court. We will be glad to share our experience to help you wade through the complexities of filing and contesting a case in a consumer court.


Property Investment Advice

If you are a retail investor and not sure of whether to invest in a certain project then you can approach us to discuss the pros and cons of any project. We will do our basic research on the project/ developer/ builder and share the data with you along with addressing your specific requirement. Please note we are not brokers and do not have any tie-ups with any real estate related organization.


Financial Counselling

We will also help those who are underĀ financial stress. We cannot help them financially but we will do our bit to help them see through the tough times and push them to take decisions that will help them financially in the long run. And this bit will be totally free of cost. You may call itĀ Credit or Financial Counselling.