We like to look at equities now and then. And if we come across an idea that we believe will offer good returns then we invest our own money as well. So we do put our money where our mouth is. We sometimes publish our ideas on our Facebook page with the time stamp. You may visit here www.facebook.com/KapitalAdvisors. We will be happy to share with you such ideas. Reach out to us through mail/ skype/ facebook message and we will help you with further details. If you are new to investing in equities we will also handhold you in the initial stages till you are comfortable investing on your own. We will take you through account opening, placing orders, tracking your portfolio and anything else that you may want us to help you with. We have tied-up with a brokerage and if you open an account with them then we stand to gain as well. You may chose to opt for any brokerage firm and we will still help you with the whole process.